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Photo Highlight
The catch

photo: R. Wesley Rollend
Message from Jonathon
Can you be a vessel for the art you wish to flow through you? What do you need to do to become a better instrument through witch your greatest desires can manifest.

Don't take your challenges personally. The fact that you are able to take flight at all is a miracle and can be evidence enough that you have been chosen to champion this expression of art.

Let you practice be a devotion to your highest sense of love for, one day, your strength may fade, your will may subside and your thoughts may wonder. What will matter then is not if you were the best but rather, how deeply you learned to connect to the people, the magic and the joy of flying.

Lift your heart to the sky and your body will lighten. See you in the sky. Jonathon.
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Thursday, August 28
Information on when we will be reopening in our new location to come

> see trial swings times & class schedule

This weeks office hours:
Monday: closed;
Tuesday: closed;
Wednesday: closed;
Thursday: closed;
Friday: closed;
Saturday: closed;
Sunday: closed

Please note: Trapeze School New York - Beantown will be closed starting on August 27, 2014 as we move to our new home at 35 Lomasney Way, Boston, MA 02114. Details on our reopen date to come.

As the weather gets warmer and the sandals make their return, please remember that we require socks for all Flying Trapeze classes!

Online Sign Up Instructions for Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local, and Eversave deals!
(1) Click the golden "sign up for a class" button above,

(2) Select the date you would like to search

(3) For number of people, select '1'. Each person using a voucher as payment must create their own student profile and register individually. Even if you are attending as a group, each person must register for 1 spot under their own profile.

(4) Search for a class time that works for your schedule,

(5) Enter your registration information where prompted,

(6) When asked for payment, select "Groupon" for Groupons and "Gift Certificate" for Livingsocial, Amazon Local, and Eversaves. Enter your voucher number in the box (for Groupons, the barcode number). Without the voucher number your reservation will not be complete! We want to get you flying, so please, use the link above to reserve, and don't forget to enter your voucher number!

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All flying trapeze classes are open!