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About the School - What People Have to Say About Us

Here's a sampling of what our former and current students are saying about their experience at the school. If you'd like to send us a testimonial, click here.

Some of our students have expressed their feelings about flying in longer form. Read their stories in our Flyer's Life section.


"I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. I have been afraid of heights for some time, so to go to this class was really something. One instructor in particular was so very encouraging (really cute with a cap on). He was very helpful when I felt I was close to tears. I am looking forward to booking again."

- Thank you, Heidi


"Flying with you was the highlight of our weekend in Boston. It was a weekend that included a Bruins game, an evening with the Blue Man Group and a trip to Suffolk Downs, but what we keep talking about is our time with you at TSNY Beantown.

You are a great crew - each with your own particular gifts that you share so generously with your students. Bill, you have a wonderful way of calming down the most terrified flyer who steps on to the platform, and we are still amazed at your strength! Allen, you are a great teacher and an awe-inspiring catcher. Lucy is still walking on air, amazed that she not only learned the Bird's Nest, but that you actually caught her from a birdie in one lesson! Dave, your quiet but specific instruction on the platform helped us all so much. And Steve - your patience, knowledge and years of experience, your confidence in each of your students - it all goes into creating a special bond between student and instructor that enables even the most timid of us to fly beyond our wildest dreams!

We can't wait to get back to TSNY Beantown - and until we do, we'll be re-living the experience over and over again in our daydreams and boring our friends to death with tales of trapeze!"

- Amy Bennet, Henry and Lucy


"I had a great time at the school in Boston. The professionals taught me a lot of cool tricks, including the catch. Thank you for giving me a great time."

- Joey Imhoff, student (11 years old)


"For my nieces 13th birthday, I thought trapeze lessons would be fun. Being the family daredevil I signed myself up too. I was excited when there were only five people in class. I have NEVER had a thrill like learning the trapeze. I was rather hesitant as Im scared of heights, but everyone was encouraging and, given a few minutes to compose myself, I did it. I learned to fly!"

- Nora Lyons, student


"[The catcher] rises up to you and all of a sudden, he's there. He grabs you, you swing out, and your spirit just soars! [My son & I] order our week around when we left class versus how many days before we can come back again."

- Bob Edgett, student & former Marine


"I just wanted to let you know how completely wonderful my experience was. My girlfriend and I were in a class, and we had such a great time. We will definitely be going back again and with at least three other couples.

The instructors - Scout, Allen & Chrissy - were a group of very well-trained and friendly people. They made the class really fun and gave their all to get our timing down in order to complete a catch."

- Steve Jutras


"I recently travelled to Boston to check out the new TSNY and just wanted to say thanks and many kudos to the staff at TSNY Beantown. You guys ROCK! And where else but Boston can you fly on a trapeze indoors with a view of a water-simulated fireworks display and a green monster made out of jelly beans, and then be able to visit an IMAX theater and dine in Johnny's luncheonette or an ice cream shop. And after that if you're really feeling froggy, you can even buy furniture! It was TOO COOL. As usual, I had the time of my life and left with even more confidence on the trapeze (as well as in life) which can only compliment what I've learned from day one at TSNY in New York.

Jonathon, if you're out there, I am a living testament of your slogan. I have totally forgotten fear, and yes, I am VERY worried about the addiction:-) Guess I'm just going to have to take another trip to Boston as soon as possible.

Take care and fly well all!"

- Leslie from Nashville


"Thank you to all the nice people who helped me take my first flight at the opening of your facility at Jordan's Furniture. I was briefly terrified, then ecstatic and I thoroughly enjoyed "flying." The people on your staff were wonderful - and were very supportive and clear in their instructions. You should expand your 6 - 60 limitation. I'll be 62 in February, and I thought "flying" was beautiful and exciting, and I hope to do it again."

- Barbara Lawrence


W\e'd also like to share some experiences from our other schools:


"Your slogan, "forget fear, worry about the addiction" is all too true. I had my first flight a couple of days ago and I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. Days later I am still thinking about my experience. Flying through the air on the trapeze was both breathtaking and exhilarating. It was like nothing I have ever done before and one of the biggest adrenaline rushes of my life. I wanted to thank Jonathan and the rest of the staff for their patience and positive attitude. They really helped me conquer my fear and now I can't wait to come back and master my catch. Thanks again for the wonderful experience! "

- Erica Sanginiti


"I wanted to thank you and your crew for bringing the trapeze to New York and making it so easily accessible. It was - to me - a microcosm of life - just what I experience when faced with a challenge.

It usually takes me a long, long, time to gain such insight...learning when I hesitate just what the consequences may be, how when my energy has been expended in other areas, I may not have the energy necessary to accomplish something I strongly desire, how important it can be to listen and just let go ...

Thank you, thank you, thank you ....It was just perfect!"

- Emily Singhota


"What does one do on a 52nd bithday? How about your first knee hang catch! Believe me, it ranks right up there with the bigger thrills of your life. The staff is great, well-trained, patient, and very upbeat. I can't think of a more exciting and fun thing to do to celebrate. If you're looking for that special present, think about giving someone the thrill of flying! Thanks to the staff for a wonderful birhday."

- Nora Anderson


"Last night was my first lesson and you bet I'm coming back for more. It's just a matter of time. The instructors were so helpful and everyone had a great sense of humor that kept things fun and lively. Fix, Fred, and Jonathon were a blast to be with. Jonathon, thanks for the catches and the mention in this morning's Daily! Icing on the cake.

I'm recommending this to all my friends in New York and Baltimore! Thanks again!"

- Cindy Hwang


"Healthy risk-taking is a good thing. Engaging in activities where you can feel accomplished and overcome a fear...can only help you in other domains of your life."

- Dr. Kamila White,
  Boston University
  School of Anxiety